About Us
We are a fourth-generation, family-owned, full-service packaging company focused on providing our customers with relevant, cost-effective packaging solutions of unparalleled quality and unrivaled accessibility.

As our name suggests, we appreciate that our role in your end product is the beginning of your customer’s experience with your brand. We celebrate that what we do is a critical activation point for the product it houses and protects.

At ORIGIN Packaging we don’t just make attractive things; we are the architects of your origin story.

Our Capabilities & Services

With best-in-the-business in-house designers, engineers, brand management professionals, and industry-leading sourcing, manufacturing, supply, distribution, and fulfillment partners worldwide, ORIGIN is a full-service packaging partner.

From concept to delivery, and everything in between—no matter where you are in your product development process when you enlist our services, we become an extended member of your team.

Our Capabilities and Services
Our History

Our History

Our 100 year history in the packaging industry begins with founder Hyman, a successful textiles businessman and his immigration to the United States. Building upon the success in his homeland of Vienna, Hyman continued his work in the industry as an entrepreneur in Brookline, MA. Through his manufacturing partnerships and the respect of his customers, he soon leveraged his notoriety and connections to expand his product line with the wholesale distribution of packaging materials.

Beginning with glass bottles and jars, then paper cartons and later flexible food containers, today ORIGIN packages in all materials for a myriad of industries with distribution of more than 5K packaging SKUs to companies across the U.S.

Our Values

The core principles that guide our work ethic, business practices, and creative approach also define our continued success in the packaging industry.

Trusted Packaging Company


 Reliable Packaging Company




Continual Packaging Improvement

Continual Improvement

Our team is motivated by shared goals for our customer’s commercial success.

Our Mission

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide the finest packaging solutions that perform well in design, quality, utility, distribution, and cost.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We are committed to creating cost-effective, quality packaging that delights consumers to purchase for sales that yield maximum returns, consumer satisfaction, and customer retention.

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