Full-Service Packaging Company

Origin Packaging is a full-service packaging company that is focused on providing customers with relevant, cost-effective packaging solutions of unparalleled quality and unrivaled accessibility.

Full-Service Packaging Solution

We apply 100 years of industry knowledge, technical expertise, creative insight, and access to world-class resources for a solutions-oriented, customer-focused approach to full-service packaging.

We see full-service packaging as an opportunity to attract and inspire buyers, close the sale, and retain customers in every product we produce.

Full-Service Packaging Customizations
Origin Packaging Services

Full-Service Packaging Services

From concept to commercialization, we offer a complete range of services to deliver on all of your packaging needs. We work with all consumer packaged goods (CPG) from food and beverage to home and beauty, novelty, and more.

Packaging Customizations

From stock solutions that can be fashioned and printed for your specific needs, to fully customized innovative designs that disrupt the industry and redefine the market, the Origin Packaging develops quality packaging as an extension of your unique brand narrative.

Full-Service Packaging Company

Packaging Solutions for Any Product!

Skin, Face & Hair Serums

Beauty and Cosmetics


Tablets and Capsules

Personal Care

Oral Care

Hard Candies



Nuts and Seeds



Mints and Gum

Flavored Drinks


Flavored Drinks

Flavored Drinks

Liquid Supplements

Product Packaging Line

Our product line is extensive and fully customizable for use in any industry. We have developed a full-service packaging solution for your brand and offer a wide range of services to support the production process.

DropLoc Push Button Dropper Tincture Bottles

Revolutionary certified child-resistant compliant, auto-loading, push button dropper tincture bottles.

ATID Biodegradable Paper and Rezen Containers

Child-resistant compliant, eco-friendly, sustainable, biodegradable paper and Rezen® containers.

PearlLoc Paper Box and Tube Packaging

Luxury Paper-based, child-resistant compliant boxes, and tubes for storing and protecting products.

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