Wine & Spirits Packaging

From stock solutions to fully customized, innovative designs that disrupt the wine and spirits industry and redefine the alcohol market, Origin Packaging develops quality packaging that will make your product jump off the shelf!

Wine & Spirits Packaging Solutions

Origin Packaging can supply you with stock and custom packaging options for beer, spirits, and wine in glass, aluminum, plastic bottles, cans, and closures with tamper-evident options. We offer biodegradable paper, sustainable and flexible packaging too!

Wine and Spirits Packaging

Product Packaging for Liquor Products






Dual Spouted Pouches


Slushy Pouches

Product Packaging for Wine and Spirits


Our products sleek, stylish aesthetics will look as good on your customer’s shelf as on your brand’s social media channels and will perform even better.

Custom Packaging for Wine and Spirits


Make your liquor packaging uniquely yours with extensive printing, decoration, embossing, texture, and branding options.

Sustainable Wine and Spirits Product Packaging


Our sustainable paper-based product options are both are biodegradable and kind to the environment, engineered to keep products protected and fresh.

Let’s discuss your wine & spirits packaging needs.