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Luxury Paper-based, child-resistant boxes and tubes for storing and protecting products.



Extensive Customization Options

Competitive Wholesale Pricing

Child Resistant Compliant

PearlLoc Tube Packaging

PearlLoc Product Line is Perfect For

Powders, Nutraceuticals, Flavored Drinks & Supplements

Gummies, Hard Candies, Chocolates, Nuts & Seeds


Cough Drops, Mints, Gum, Dried Fruit, Nuts

Tablets & Capsules

Tablets & Capsules

Product Highlights

PearlLoc Sleek Aesthetics

Sleek Aesthetics

PearlLoc tubes offer sleek, modern, and sustainable secondary packaging for nesting products, from pills to gummies to powders and more!

PearlLoc Unlimited Designs

Unlimited Designs

Make your PearlLoc packaging uniquely yours with extensive printing, decoration, embossing, texture, and branding options.

PearlLoc Lite

PearlLoc Lite

Non-CR boxes and tubes for a variety of packaging needs.

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