Industrial and Chemical Packaging

Industrial and chemical packaging is available in a range of materials to suit diverse storage and transport requirements. Impact-resistant plastic, aluminum, glass, composite materials, paperboard, and metals are commonly used materials. Such packaging is designed to store various products, including chemicals, lubricants, paints, pesticides, and cleaners, in various sizes. Additionally, practical closures are available to complement the packaging to ensure product integrity and preventing leakage.

Regardless of your industrial or chemical packaging needs, Origin Packaging can develop and customize a solution for your brand.

Industrial Packaging Solutions

From stock solutions to fully customized, innovative designs that will disrupt the health industry and redefine the industrial market, Origin Packaging can develop quality-assured, e-commerce-friendly packaging as an extension of your brand.

Industrial and Chemical Product Packaging

Product Packaging for Industrial and Chemical Packaging

Custom UN Rated Corrugated Solutions

Pressure Testing Compliant Packaging

Fluorination and Barrier-Enhanced Products

High Output and Duration Dispensing Pump & Sprayers

Industrial Round & Square Handled Gallon, Carafe Program

Totes, Pails, and Lids Gasket Liquid or Powders

Large Format Foil Laminate Nylon Pouches and Customized Spouts

Product Packaging for Chemical Products


Our products’ sleek, stylish aesthetics will look as good on your customer’s shelves as on your brand’s social media channels and perform even better.

Custom Packaging for Industrial Products


Make your Industrial and Chemical packaging uniquely yours with extensive printing, decoration, embossing, texture, and branding options.

Sustainable Industrial Product Packaging


Our sustainable options are biodegradable, kind to the environment, and engineered to protect products.

Industrial and Chemical Packaging Line

Our product line is extensive and fully customizable for industrial and chemical products. We have a full-service packaging solution for the most basic to the most demanding requirements. We also offer a wide range of services to support the production process.

Dropper Bottle Packaging for Industrial Products

DropLoc push button dropper tincture bottles are revolutionary certified child-resistant compliant and auto-loading.

Biodegradable Packaging for Industrial Products

ATID containers are child-resistant compliant, eco-friendly, sustainable, biodegradable paper and Rezen®.

Nestable Packaging for Industrial Products

EcoPro™ nestable packaging is clean, green, paper and pops!

Industrial Product Packaging

PearlLoc luxury paper-based, child-resistant compliant boxes and tubes for storing and protecting products.

Let’s discuss your industrial packaging needs.