Gadgets & Tech Packaging

From plastic to biodegradable paper packaging to flexible packaging, Origin Packaging can develop and customize your tech and gadget brand. Our versatile packaging is perfect for electronics, personal devices, and “Ships in its Own Packaging” or SIOP products.

Gadgets & Tech Packaging Solutions

Our product line is extensive and fully customizable for use in the gadgets and tech industry. We have a full-service packaging solution for all brands including electronics, personal devices, and Ships in its Own Packaging or SIOP products. We also offer a wide range of services to support the production process.

Tech and Gadget Packaging

Product Packaging for Gadgets and Tech Products

Gift Boxes with Nestable Paper and Foam Options

Compostable Zipper Pouches

Bubble-Wrapped Customized Mailer Pouches

Paper Tubes



Product Packaging for Tech Industry


Our products’ sleek, stylish aesthetics will look as good on your customers shelves as on your brand’s social media channels and perform even better.

Sustainable Gadgets and Tech Product Packaging


Make your tech packaging uniquely yours with extensive printing, decoration, embossing, texture, and branding options.

Custom Packaging for Tech Products


Our sustainable paper-based product options are both are biodegradable and kind to the environment, engineered to keep products protected.

Let’s discuss your gadgets & tech packaging needs.